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Inspire, Motivate and Create Change.

The New Science Journalism

When you think of science articles and communication, what comes to mind?
Boring topics and uninterested crowds?

You may think that because science is a complex or dry topic, it’s hard to get people’s attention. 

But that’s not it.

Science is understandable and enjoyable enough to catch anyone’s interest…
so long as you know how people want to hear about it.

When you know what your audience wants, you’ll know how to speak to them. 

This is how science should be talked about, and this is what I plan to do as a science writer.

Liv’s attention to detail and engaging style allowed her to turn seemingly bland ideas into compelling pieces of writing.

She was able to extract key product information and present it in a logical way that was easy to understand.

The projects she was in charge of arrived on time, and she was always available for communication.

Becca Roberts
Editor, Reviewer and Knowadays Tutor

Published Works

The Light Show of Jupiter’s Dark Side

Unearthing a Solar Storm in Ancient Alpine Trees

Hi, i’m liv.
I’m an editor and science journalist

and I want to show your readers science for what it is: interesting, understandable and worth it.

After getting my law degree, I started working as an editor before finally deciding to start a career in science writing. 

Now, I live in Munich, Germany, where I’m learning the country’s language before I start yet a new journey studying physics.

My professional trip has taken a roundabout, rather than a straight, line. But all interesting stories are like that, aren’t they?

Liv has done an overall great job of improving the readability of documents across an array of topics. She turned challenging sentences into
simpler and clearer words and adapted her tone of voice to suit different audiences.

She has also demonstrated a commitment to delivering on client requirements, such as adhering to specific guidelines regarding word choice and point of view.

She is an excellent communicator and has always taken a very positive and professional tone with both my team and clients.

Her punctuality and openness made her easy to work with.

If there were issues or anything I needed to know, she made sure to contact me quickly.

Liz Kushnereit
Technical Delivery Specialist
t: +44 2039665659

clients I worked with

During my editing career, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many clients across various sectors.

Diligence International Group
Foreign and domestic investigation solutions.

Medical Journals
Kerui, Wangfang, Galenos, etc.

Global employment platform.

Online retail service based in China.

Audio entertainment platform.

Erin Condren
Lifestyle brand creating organisation essentials.

Liv Eien

Editor and Science Journalist